Why Are Only Ugly Girls On Certain Websites?

If you read my blog on a regularly basis you will know I have tried just about all of the dating sites. I recently found a new one called Meetme. It’s a free site,much like POF,that does not charge you to contact people. So I found this site and became excited because it seemed like a great alternative to POF. I downloaded the app on my new smart phone-and what did I find? Some of the ugliest women I have ever saw. I mean there was not one cute or even half cute girl on the site! I could not and still can not believe it. I mean,there are always some ugly girls on the sites,but there are also always some hot ones. Now don’t get me wrong looks are not everything-but there has to be some attraction! All of the girls on this site look like crack whores! I just can not figure out why there are so many bad looking girls on this site. It can’t be due to the site being free because POF is free and there are attractive girls on there. So I continue on my quest for my dream girl. But I know for sure she is not on Meetme. The problems of the single guy life I guess.

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