To Busy To Text

The more I have contact with women off dating sites the less I don’t understand them. Recently I have been talking to women that suffer from what I like to call “Busy Disease”. What is that you ask? That is when you text someone and it takes them hours or even days to respond. When they do respond they always say the same thing: “Sorry I was busy and this was the first chance I had to text you back”. I always have to laugh at people like this. How long does it take to respond back to a text to say “Hi” or “I’m good how are you?”?? It takes what 10 seconds at the most? Do you mean to tell me they have not had 10 seconds in a few hours or a day? When someone says they were to busy to text back in a timely manner I know they will never have time or make time for a man in their life. These people you should not walk away from-you should run from! They will always be the one that once you fall for them and ask them if they want to go to dinner or a movie or what ever,they will always say they have to work or are busy or some other lame excuse. These are the people that will never make time for you-even though they always say they have time for a man in their life. These people are either very poor time managers or they just plain think they are more important then other people. I have not done any study on this but I am willing to bet they are also the people that are always late to meetings and appointments. I have stopped calling these people out on the issue,I just stop talking to them. When you call these people out on it they always say the same thing “They have a job or kids or what ever and they don’t have time to sit on their phone all day” The fact is when you text someone you are not asking them to sit on their phone all day or ignore their kids or job. I doubt anyone is as busy as I am but I always make sure I respond to a text in a timely manner. It is just being polite and respectful of the other person. When you don’t text someone back for a long period of time you are basically saying you are a more important person then they are and you will text them back when you have nothing better to do. So ladies if you suffer from “Busy Disease” don’t complain when all you can find are low life guys to date. No self respecting guy is going to accept your lame excuses why you took so long to respond to his text! But hey that is just the opinion of a single guy!

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