Have you ever saw someone and thought they were just perfect for you? And then talked on the phone and realized they were a total 0? Well that happened to me recently. I messaged a girl on POF who was just perfect. 30 years old,tall,blonde,a school teacher,no kids and looking to settle down and have a family. Perfect on paper right? So we texted and then decided to talk on the phone. I think I got about 3 words in the whole time. She kept talking and talking and talking and talking…..and talking some more. She never asked anything about me and I could barely add anything to the conversation. Worst part was nothing she talked about was of interest. She was just…well….boring! Maybe this is why people text now a days. So we don’t have to actually learn about someone. We can hide behind a text and not really show our true personality. And back to the dating websites I go. The story of a single guy’s life :(

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