Can You Buy Love?

Recently in my online search for a girlfriend I have started turning to some of the sugar daddy websites like I started to think one of my problems might be that on all of these free dating sites like I am only running into the girls that want the hot young military guys. So I thought hey since I am older and own my own businesses I would try some sugar daddy websites. I created my profile specifically telling people that I was looking for a long term relationship with a girl that wanted to be treated like a princess by an older guy. Now to be honest I have gotten a huge amount of response. But sadly I talk to these girls for a few days and then they ghost like girls from the other dating websites. It seems like on these sites I am meeting more girls but they still don’t want a serious relationship. They just want some cash to pay bills with no attachment. So I guess the girls on the sugar daddy websites are no better or no worse then the free dating sites. They all have the same attitude…they want what I call a cookie cutter man. What I mean by that is they want a guy in their mid to late 20s,lots of muscles,tatoos and a bad ass attitude. They take no consideration into whats inside. They don’t ask if the guys is a nice guy or if he is dependable or can support a girl and a family. They just want the looks. So many vain people…but I keep searching for my future girlfriend..I just wish she would stop hiding on me!

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